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Default Mini to do list

Hey guys, not too much to report as doing a lot of thinking about next steps for me. Have ordered the washer jets, fuel tank sealer and mini door locks which will give me a few bits to get on with. Had the car running today, everything so far still working and speaker system in rear area that I fitted is working.

My mini to do list is as follows:

- finish ideas for rear structure support. Going to affix bolt into the lower rear arch area into the monocoque tub for solid fix at that point, fix at front location to chassis and rear sill area, various brackets on the rear boot extension and side wing x 2 and then packing/bonding onto all necessary surfaces.

- remove rear body and tidy up alignment at screen upper support area.

- overhaul/tidy mini door handles and fit new lock barrels, make new gaskets.

- fit and tidy front screen washer jet system and piping.

- work on “tide line ” on the inside of the rear body so I can work out where to flowcoat to and where to start developing rear guard to cabin sealing panels.

- purchase a low lying aerial fin that will fit nicely under the rear, as per jagtvrs ideas....

- start the extension on the rear light harnesses and sealing off the light assy holes in the rear boot original area.

Plenty to sort through......
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