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Hi Richard

To be more specific the non Marlin parts that I am referring to is the method and positioning of rear hub steering controls. When the suspension was originally designed the steering arm was connected to a suspension arm leg. I thereby guaranteed that its pivoting location was correct and sufficiently constant.

My worry is if it has been decided to locate that steering arm in any other way or using any other components than I made I am fearful that in doing so someone could make a slight error and therefore create unacceptable twisting forces.

It is, of course, not a problem to mount the arm else where but I simply do not want to be held responsible for the integrity and stability of my parts when only a part of my assembly has been used. I hope that anybody reading this understands my position.


Just to be clear I have asked for both front & rear suspension arms to be photographed or returned for inspection so that we can see that all suspension arms being used are not showing any signs of distress regardless.
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