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Default Fuses and fuse ratings.

Hi all fellow EXi builders.

I need to build a new wiring loom, and want to check a few things against the original Marlin supplied loom.
To save me alot of time and hassle can someone who has an orginal supplied Marlin loom, please let me know the following information..

Total number of fueses in supplied loom.
Fuses rating and for which circuit that fuse applies to.
Total number of relays
Is each relay, fused as separatley from the realy control? If so whatis relay fuse.

Are the headlights circuit on a separate fuse, i.e left and right?
Is the number plate light serpatly fused? or is it in with the sidelights?

If anyone has a wiring diagram as well that would be a bonus.

I am currently designing a wiring loom for marlin, and just want to compare what they had, with what they want/need now.

Thanks in advance

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