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The switch gear is all going to be from a desired donor, or bespoke.

I am proposing to using basic colouring red, black,brown,blue,yellow, white purple and number them, with tags. So you will have blue-1,blue-2 yelllow-3 etc
Buying in all the different colours, blue on white, white on blue, seems like a false econonmy. (at the moment anyway)

I dont have a problem (not scared) of the wiring, just looking for anything above and beyond the normal with what other builders have faced, modifications they might like to see in a new loom, comparing what I am proposing with the original wiring loom, and any extensions that people have had to add on.

The post you made is a good read and the comment about the original loom being under rated is an interesting one. I have considered the voltage drop issue inthe new loom, and will take that into account in the new design.

The redesign is allowing builders to move forward who have elected the VAG option, or race car option.


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