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Default Car off to Body Shop for final prep

I took the car to the body shop today for the fat arch fitting, final prep and priming.

I am going to leave it in primer for the IVA as that gives me more options later.

The body is a pain to get right and the final set up is difficult to achieve, I can only hope the body shop can improve on the general finish.

I am determined to push hard for the IVA as soon as possible now as there is little to do to be ready but the confidence needed to commit to the test is the delaying aspect.

Mark's comment last time I spoke to him, was that you should plan for a re-test as they will tell you what is needing to be changed and you just do as they request.

Engine started easily after 12 month of inactvity which was nice.

I will post some finished prep pictures to detail the progress next week when I get the car back.

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