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Default Angel Eyes and IVA

The car is off having it's suspension set up so the next major step is bodywork and lighting.

I have some angel eye lights, which many builders have gone for, but I'm unsure as to how they will fare at IVA.

The lights have separate bulbs for sidelights, dipped beam and main beam, and the LED 'angel eyes' around the dipped and main lights.

IVA states that I can have 2 or 4 front position lamps (sidelights) and a maximum of 2 daytime running lamps (which come on with ignition and turn off with headlights).

So, any thoughts on what I can do? The instructions say to connect them to sidelights, but then I would have too many. Using them as daytime running lights is possible (with a gadget from car builder solutions) but I'd have 4 not 2.

Could I simply not connect them until post IVA? Is Mr (or Ms) inspector likely to notice?

Thanks for any words of wisdom!
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