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Default Fat 'arse' sorry ARCH Update

Fat 'arse' sorry ARCH Update

Car came back from the paint shop today so I have some progress shots of the fat arch look post primer.

Was it really June when it went? I have been working so its best in someone else’s works shop while I am busy.

As you can see from the pictures I have modified the front as well as the back. I like the wide mouth and the strong spoiler. The spoiler will be sheathed in Carbon Fibre come the end to give a crisp clean line.

The headlights are bracketed all I need to do it complete the wiring.

The rear arches were modelled on Elise 111s rear wheels and tyres (17x7.5 225/45R17) and they fill the wheel arch fully to IVA requirements you can see where that's headed..

Big push to the test now, hope you like the result.

What colour shall I do the final finish in is a big problem.....

I have only shown one side but rest assured the other side is identical...

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