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You may well have IVA problems with the number plate holder as is (it will depend on the tester) basically the rear number plate holder must have space for the number plate and gap around it without being recessed.. Goodness knows why. But easy solution get a sheet of thin Ali, cut it to the size the IVA manual says and make sure the edge is radius (e.g. rubber trim) and then mount over the top. You will see on the photos on my site what I did to get around it.

Am interested where your exhaust mounts is it well below that number plate, were you an early chassis, mine comes through exactly where the number plate holder is.

Did you mod the dash at all? I made the dash binnicle detachable which has been great since as I have access to all the key parts underneath.

I'm working on bodywork too at the moment, I'm trying an interesting approach with the screen scuttle to get a fit I like and also fit the hood at the same time. I also have fat rear arch's to fit at somepoint. Like the line you have got with them.
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