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Default DVLA petition

  • Are you building a car and having difficulties with the DVLA?
  • Have you built one already and found the DVLA made life very difficult?
  • Does your experience of registering a car after SVA put you off building another?

If so,please consider visiting

and joining our petition.
The current situation is so variable from one local office to the other. A month on from passing SVA and I'm still getting nothing but the run-around from the local DVLA office.
The plan is to get as many signatures as possible, then go to the main manafactuers and STATUS to get their support, then present the petition to the DVLA, DfT and Ministers. It's in the interest of the kit manafacturers to support this petition- people are put off from building kits due to the hassle from the DVLA....
To that end, please post this on to other forums or e-mail to non-forum readers that have a vested interest!
I don't have a problem with SVA because it makes cars safer but months of procrastination whilst the DVLA make stupid decisions really takes the mic. e.g. DVLA examiner stating that my car will pay motorbike road tax because its got a motorbike engine in it!!!
BTW, it appears DVLA local office @ Nottingham and Luton are quite reasonable but it's best getting in contact before getting too far into the building. It's just a shame I started in the build in Nottingham and then moved to London, were the nearest DVLA office is Ealing & Borehamwood who are useless !#?$*

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