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Well finally some movement. It appears that the weeks of being nice and asking questions politely was futile. I finally gave in and wrote them a stroppy letter asking exactly why my car needs an MOT considering that it just passed SVA, and why, when it's obvious my car is going to get a Q plate, they want invoices for everything. I also pointed out that my insurance company are going to cancel my non-refundable insurance at the end of the week if I don't supply them with the reg number and, that if that did happen, I'd be going for compensation via the DVLA complaints compensation system. I also said that, although it appeared a fair bit of blame can be laid upon the shoulders of the examiner who 2 weeks after the vehicle examination still hasn't provided his report, that their excuse of "we can't get hold of him until the end of the week" was pretty pathetic and that I had his mobile number if they needed it to get hold of him sooner and tell him to pull his finger out......
Lo and behold, I got a phonecall today saying if I get the cheque and insurance to them tm I should have a reg number by Friday or Monday......
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