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Originally Posted by aofb View Post
Famous last words.....

Failed spring took an investment in new kit (Blowtorch, air grinder) and many hours of swearing (at least 6!!), plus a new shock absorber to resolve. Still got another one to do but that'll wait.

With all of that in place, the front end sits absolutely sod all like level - lines up great at the NSF wing and both front end corners, but the OSF wing is a good 2-3mm inwards and a good 10mm too high, at best it's a good 5mm too high but wont bend any more so no chance it'll bend out alone. Looks like I'm going to have to relief cut and / or just cut the section out and patch it. Bugger! I wanted to learn GRP repairs on non-critical stuff really...

I'm intending to get all nerdish on it this weekend and check alignment of everything to a decent degree (+/- 2mm), but I suspect it'll tell me what I already know.
Sounds silly but have you checked for anything blocking the way at the door? I assume that's where the problem is Folsom your description? My front end had a tab to meet up with an existing bolt behind the door, only on the drivers side though? This tab was positioned wrong so I actually had to cut it off in the end to get the whole kit sitting right. I also had to remove a massive chunk of the front number to get the kit to sit down fully on the chassis above the radiator.
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