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Originally Posted by mazdarazmataz
Can you get some pictures of the problem. My front end didn't sit right until I removed the old bonnet hinges which I had to grind off as the bolts were well seized
Yes, I will next time I'm within earshot of the car... Bonnet hinges - will check and get Mr. G out again...

Originally Posted by TynoPrime View Post
Sounds silly but have you checked for anything blocking the way at the door? I assume that's where the problem is Folsom your description? My front end had a tab to meet up with an existing bolt behind the door, only on the drivers side though? This tab was positioned wrong so I actually had to cut it off in the end to get the whole kit sitting right. I also had to remove a massive chunk of the front number to get the kit to sit down fully on the chassis above the radiator.
Ooh, that is particularly useful re tab positioning! Passenger side is clear - I've adjusted the checkstrap slightly so it clears the kit, drivers' side, don't know...I cant get the kit within 5mm of where it needs to go, but it doesn't look like anything is fouling. It's sitting perfectly on the front crossmember

Originally Posted by mazdarazmataz
Just a thought, have you chopped the two corners of the plastic bumper reinforcement off?
Not yet no, but I haven't got my lights in yet (I'm intending on making adjustments to the crash box later)- again, it looks to clear everything but I'll have a proper look and report back.
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