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Originally Posted by TynoPrime View Post
This is more than likely your problem. The bumper bar needs cutting away as it fowls on the kit itself, not the headlights. Its the curved recess of where the headlight goes in that touches if its not cut away. If you put your hand through the headlight hole (assuming you've cut it out?) you'll feel where it touches the bumper reinforcement. Cut it and you'll see the kit drop into place
Checked and confirmed, front end is not clashing on anything. Looks as though the crash bar has been removed - I can get my hand easily behind the headlight hole. Haven't cut it, but 'copped a feel' and inspected it with the endoscope.

Car is also definitely devoid of the bonnet hinges

Pics attached of issue - front end is fine (pic #053), OS wing seats nicely top and bottom (pic #038), NS wing seats nice at the bottom (pic # 113) but not at the top (pic #120). The scuttle (bit that touches the windscreen to avoid confusion) appears to be catching on the windscreen in two places (pic #131_li for NS - lesser so on OS)

Pic #120 was taken with assistance from my foot holding the bottom of the front end in place - as you can see its a good 5-8mm higher than the A-pillar base. The OS remains aligned during all this and doesn't move.
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