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Originally Posted by jones View Post
My solution would be you should have wing mounting points on the front clam shell. This should meet up nicely to the original front wing mountings about 12 inches down from the top. Reachable from inside the wheel arch. If there is a gap, from this thread is guess that there is is would remove that distance from the excess around the windscreen leading edge. Once the sides fit around d bolt up tight is would then set around out marking the final leading edge shape and trim back accordingly.
Sounds like all roads are going down the same direction - I've given the car an hour or so and experimented sequentially cutting back areas of the front 'scuttle' where it's clashing with the windscreen, to some success - the clash areas are sequentially getting smaller and smaller.

My solution involves using a card / filler knife as a feeler gauge to feel for gaps, marking accordingly then cutting away.

Thought the wing mount was clashing, relief cut it then snapped it off, so will have to sort later.

I've found the thickness of clamshell to be quite (inexplicably!) variable - it's around 50% thicker at the ends that need the flexibility to get the fit, and changes between a nice chamfered edge in the middle to a plain butt edge at the ends, which is complicating issues slightly!
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