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In other news...I've actually made a bit of progress. Less than I wanted as per usual but any is good TBH.

1. Front end is now sat correctly in all places.
2. Wing door end bottom fixings remediated
3. Bolts / Rivet nuts set on wing-ex plates and on demi-firewall (can't think of a better name for the bit the bonnet seal was on!!)
4. Front end 'mould adjustment cuts' glassed in [1056, 1057 atts], reinforced, P38'd and cut to approx shape
5. Rear light plates cut from 3mm ally and rivet nuts set (to be bonded onto shell on Thursday) [att 1058]

This weekend's plan is thus:

1. Finish coarse body repairs - glass in new drivers side top tag
2. Bond in rear light plates and install rear lights
2a. Bond in rear window possibly (requires headliner finishing and a minor bit of electrics to do, but would be quite a coup!)
3. Start and hopefully finish front stay bars (lower wheelarch stays)
4. Drill investigatory wiper holes and try and skin that cat...

Time allowing...start front lighting install.

I'm not going to finish the coarse bodywork yet - still have a door bump strip to delete and mirror mounting lug set to remove and have more glassing to do, some depending on the results of the wiper drilling and some to install the fuel filler.
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