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No, I'm just sticking with the California badge. Not going to put the wing vent covers and grills on either.
Saw a couple of cars with chrome or silver painted wiper arms, to me it just drew your eyes to them and I think they are better left as they are so your eye is not drawn to them. Older stainless/chrome wipers seem to be simpler with less parts so your eye is not so drawn to them.
I feel the shape is so perfect that it really doesn't need any other embellishments
I have a lovely old chrome GB plate that I had been saving for the car but again will not now be fitted.
I also have the alloy strips that were intended for the door tops and I was going to fit them to the top of the sills, not sure on this at the moment as I can't find the bloody things, or the n/s window weather strip that I put so carefully to one side.

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