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Smile Front end initial fit

Hey guys, a bit of progress today, but i keep getting caught out in the timescale of doing things! Mind you I spend too much time admiring and planning than doing actual stuff at times, I'll learn!

The front end is on and generally all good. I am going to have to play a bit as I have a height difference between left and right hand sides/wheel arches etc but once I get the bonnet catches sorted we'll see what I have. Hoping not a major to align all that up. You may see below a bit more gap on the L/H side at present. Approx 30mm.

I have already got the bonnet stuck about three times so far and at present definitely a two person job to release and raise. Bonnet lines out of the mould are pretty good. Some small work needed on the left side as there is a small "wave" in the line coming down the bonnet/over the wheel arch, nothing too major just final fettling stuff before paint etc.

Side Indicators will need to be stripped and rebuilt with longer retention bolts - Too short to go through the clam fibreglass suitably.

Bumper trimming needs to be done a bit but plenty of work to do before then. - They look real good though with the front end shape.

Sorted the SRS system, just need to make a Passenger occupancy sensor bypass tomorrow (2x100 Ohm resistors and a 1N4001 or subsitute diode) once is put in and reset I should be clear of the pre-tensioners and buckles/occupancy. Just need to ballast the airbags at a later date.

Front end clam

Clam up

LH wheel gap

RH Wheel gap

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