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Default Zetec se


I'm rather new to the kit car world and would appreciate any advice you can give me!!

I have a ford focus 1.6 se with 60,000 on the clock I know the history as we had it since new. The car has come to surplus requiment and would like to use it for a project.

Ok the idea is to fit the engine from focus to a 4x4 looking kit car, something in the lines of a Rickman ranger as I like the style of it. The car will also be used on farm tracks to access fields, I don't want a offroader ect just something that will be happy going through a muddy puddle or two.

I don't want to tune it just keep it standard using as much of the focus as I can.

I know I'll probably need a type 9 box and a bell housing few other bits for the transmission.

My question is how hard would it be to do a swop assuming the kit car has already has a pinto lump in it.

Any advice on what can and can't be done would be great thanks Mud

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