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Originally Posted by Mud View Post

I'm rather new to the kit car world and would appreciate any advice you can give me!!

I have a ford focus 1.6 se with 60,000 on the clock I know the history as we had it since new. The car has come to surplus requiment and would like to use it for a project.

Ok the idea is to fit the engine from focus to a 4x4 looking kit car, something in the lines of a Rickman ranger as I like the style of it. The car will also be used on farm tracks to access fields, I don't want a offroader ect just something that will be happy going through a muddy puddle or two.

I don't want to tune it just keep it standard using as much of the focus as I can.

I know I'll probably need a type 9 box and a bell housing few other bits for the transmission.

My question is how hard would it be to do a swop assuming the kit car has already has a pinto lump in it.

Any advice on what can and can't be done would be great thanks Mud
I'm unsure of the dimensions, but the engine bay is fairly narrow, so may be a squeeze with the manifolds etc - the zetec se is a nice small engine, but the anciliaries add a lot. Most Rickmans Rangers will have a type 9 box, so you should be ok here. The other thing to think about if final drive, as the pinto probably already in one of these is more suited to slower reving, and the se is a spinny little engine so you may need to lower the final drive gearing? ie raies the number if that makes sense. I'm sure someone's done it with a zetec e (don't know if they altered the chassis/suspension to give more underbonnet room? so it should be possible. Nice engine the zetec se IMHO
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