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Originally Posted by Barber View Post
How are things going matey? Any pics to share?
Hi Barber, unfortunately not really. Chris is behind with the production, a few projects on the go, a bout of illness and the work involved in making the buck has been a bit more than expected.

I have seen some photos of panels on the mule changing them to reflect the final buck but way off yet. The areas for the windows hadnít been worked yet and the rear window is being raised in the rear panel to be more like the original. Rear bootlid is getting widened as well. The original grey panels from Kidges kit are being sliced in certain areas to make the profile changes for the window transitions/changes work.

Chris is back on deck 2nd Jan so hopefully once spoken with him I will have a better view on it. At present we have agreed a January production date, hopefully by third week if all goes well. Cheers! Enjoy the new year!
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