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Smile Progress is happening

Hi Gang,

we are making progress. Here is a wee preview of the magic that Chris and Dan are cracking on with on my "Italia 275GTB".

You can see below they are working on the L/H side of the car, to get the changes and lines right before they transpose to full buck and then eventually panel production.

You will see we have raised the rear window lines on the car, making slight changes to the roofline to fit the new profile. Bootlid has been widened to keep the lines of the rear arch flowing into that transition. Side Window shape is coming on, you can see we have kept the Z3 window but have put in an infill panel that once finished will reflect the lines of/tribute to the original 275 window shape. Chris/Dan are also working the rain gutter lines to reflect that shape as well and protect the new window setup.

Love the work going into this, it is not easy and it needs skills that certainly don't sit with me to be able to do, so I can only thanks Chris and Dan so far for their dedication to get this project this far and eventually to completion. - Will update you once I have spoken to Chris for thoughts on when will be finished and when buck will show what the finalised panels will be like. I am a happy man!

New bootlid lines by Mark Blyth, on Flickr

Developing the window by Mark Blyth, on Flickr

Buck in progress by Mark Blyth, on Flickr
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