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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
They look great but I would suggest bolting them to the car and trying them first. Most of these type of mirrors give an awful rear view. Try and get some convex mirrors rather than flat.
With the mirrors it is I'm afraid a case of style over practicability. I discarded 2 sets before ending up with my current set.
Another problem is the chrome, it can rust before your eyes, it just doesn't have the quality of old chrome, stainless is better but I have had 3 sets of headlight rims rust already and they were sold to me as stainless steel.
Yup understand. I have seen the feedback on other posts in regard to the rear views, but as you say visuals/style are 90% of why these are fitted! They are stainless so hopefully last the distance, well see.....I paid enough for these so ill stick with the flat surface and see how I go. Cheers.
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