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Originally Posted by peterux View Post
They look nice in the pictures but they're ET47 so are likely to look very tucked in for a 60's Ferrari.

Once you've taken some measurements to see how much width within the arches you have to play with, I'd be looking for wheels with an ET of around 18 to 20 to give a far more period 'dished' look.

These were BMW 5 Series 6.5x15 steels with an ET of 20 that I drilled and painted to look like Dunlop alloys (although I was going to put Campagnolo stickers on them just to cause a little confusion and throw people off the replica scent) -

I paid 78 for the set of four, which included delivery from Germany. It took two days to give them a clean and drill all the holes and I spent roughly another 20 on three cans of Smoothrite to give them the aluminium look finish, so the total was about 25 per wheel.

They're now fitted to Casamolino's very nice 250 SWB Coupe and you can decide for yourself whether it's the look you're going for -

Good luck with your project, I'm really looking forward to see it progress.

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