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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
No problem WK. BTW, I'm a qualified aeronautical engineer too, but military trained and an armaments specialist.

We (armourers) had access to a comprehensive tool kit containing mostly precision hammers in all sizes from XL to 4XL. Having said that, we also used needle files and the like when servicing, repairing and modifying small-arms.

I spent my second career just pushing bits of paper and people around (police officer) and now work part time in Education, so picking up some hand-tools and creating something fulfils a primeval need in me.

Now what are you doing sitting here reading this? There must be something you could be doing on your car...
I hope your precision hammers were looked after the same way a surgeon looks after his scalpels! Very interesting career sir, I can see where the hobbyist comes out in you and the practical side shines through. If I need a “Bond-esque ” ejection seat for SWMBO and I can’t work it out myself i’ll Give you a nudge! It is 6am over here on a weekend. Sleep is not something that comes easy at the moment with my mind churning over my plans and until the donor comes off the road in about 6weeks the only real work I can do is minimal. Just waiting for that kit to ship and everything starts a bit more in earnest! Cheers
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