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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
Are those light covers still the TVR ones like Kidges or a more up to date / improved version on the same theme ? The proportions on the front end look a little better some how. Is the lower valance still a separate item as per Kidges car ?
Hi LLM, Yup still TVR Griffith headlight covers. Only change has been new buckets for the headlights to fit into, slight change in proportions etc. The front is one piece, as the bumpers are fibreglass not huge weight to lift. Only a 4” trim to each end of front bumper alloy assy to allow the clam to lift over it.

Other than that front end is from same original mould. Side indicator positions are being done on monday, I have spec’d them frenched in and in a revised position to how Kidge had them. Cheers.
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