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Talking The guys have done me proud!

Well guys, we got there, the kit is finished and being packed up/shipped today.
I can only say that I am incredibly happy at this point with what the photos show. I think it is stunning and testament to the blood, sweat and likely tears/beers that have had to go into this from Chris and Dan. I now have transported back 40 years to my early childhood and cannot wait to unwrap what Santa is going to bring me. 1st stage job very well done - Now the scary bit - I get my hands on it.

Dressed front pre-delivery

Dressed rear - Pre delivery

Have also started a detail conversation with the LVV certification guy over here, a few trip ups that I hadn't captured that may revolve around the roof support and airbag removal, but shouldn't be anything that can't be sorted.
(Motorsport type regs as well as new seatbelts required, i'll keep you updated) More photos soon.
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