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Deni & Alex - Thanks chaps.

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Measure twice and then don't cut at all…
In an effort to finish the last few jobs on the car, I decided to continue work on the handbrake gaiter.

This involved dragging stuff up from the Summer House to the front porch.

And leaving my welding helmet out in the sun to re-charge the solar panels.

Previously, I have mocked up a four part cover like so.

This had an odd shape to accommodate the small box section sticking out of the top of lever.

In my head, this was connected to the hand brake warning light, which I'd already removed.

So the plan was to angle grind the top off and then beat it flat and weld it up.

Thankfully, a closer inspection revealed that this box was actually protecting the hand brake mechanism.

It turned out, that while the warning light switch did sit above the lever, it was attached to this small hole along the side.

End of Part 1…
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