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Sunday - Part 2:
There then followed a prolonged period of trial and error, with the emphasis on error.

I looked at the option of cutting the cover and making a small extra section to cover the box…

Considered how to ensure the gaiter could be fitted over the thickest park of the handle...

Eventually, I ended up with something like this.

Which is mostly make from a single piece of material, with just a small insert in the front section.

In the end, I had to tape the mock up material in place on the inside of the alloy…

To ensure I was able to properly mark up the shape I will need to cut out of leather.

Note: I still need to tidy up the overlapping edges for both sewing and fixing into place.

By now it was 4pm and with the sun shining I headed out for a quick drive.

This may be my last day in shorts and a T-shirt as it was definitely chilly when the sun went behind a cloud.

Just stopped for one quick photo on the way home.

Until next time, take care, Paul.

I will make an effort to catch up on my replies to other threads tomorrow.
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