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Molleur - Great photo.

Deni - Cheers.

Deggsy - Glad my effort helps your build, as I know I 'borrowed' a lot of ideas from other builds myself.

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2019 Goodwood Revival
One thing that always gave me hope during the dark days of my build, was the thought of the Goodwood Revival.

As I really wanted to be able to turn up in a car that wouldn't look completely out of place lined up on the grid.

Even though I ended up going as a volunteer, I am pleased to say my dream finally came true this weekend.

It will take me quite some time to sort out all the photos and video clips I took, so here is just the beginning…

Unfortunately, the street lighting messed up what was a beautiful sunrise on Friday morning.
( That and the fact my hands were shaking. )

I did push the car down the road before starting it and creeped around the local streets in 3rd gear and sub 1,000 revs.

I had a pretty good run down there, with only one wrong turn.

But it was not until towards the end of the journey that all the classic cars started appearing from all directions.

Traffic did some to a completed standstill a few miles out, which allowed me to take a photo of my passenger side.

With the car cover, my kit bag and a clip board with directions in it.

I had left around 6.10am, so had a T-shirt, Jumper & my 'racing overalls' on and it was still a bit chilly.

It was also woolly hat and googles weather with my neck roll making a bit difference too.

Volunteers have their own camp site away from the main crowds.

This was Friday morning, when lots of people were still arriving.

I woke the next day to find this lovely Aston a few pitches down from me.

A few pitches the other way was this lorry, that had been converted into a mobile home.

Dawn breaking on Sunday morning, with the moon still visible in the sky.

Here I am on duty. ( More about this another time.)

And finally, for now, here I am on the way home on Monday morning.
( Sorry the photo is so big, it was taken from my GoPro footage. )

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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