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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
Have you got a photo of your supercapacitor bank ? How long can you crank the engine on a single charge ?
i have a string of technically 83 Farrad total (6x300F/2.7V in series) but several internet electric people have got a tested 50-60 farrad output on this string.

I tested the circuit on free modeling software and it pulls about 300A from zero V, so i bought a 120a breaker that i have in series with the tiny Li battery i have. It cranks over for 3 -4 seconds taking the voltage from 13.5 down to 10. then the capacitors charge from the battery in seconds (30 or so) for another go. Since my 948 cc is still running its generator not an alternator it could still be hand cranked, so i think the power is adequate. I've just stuffed something up and it wont spark at the moment. I only have videos and have not yet posted the unsuccessful cranking vid. the rapid charge from low voltage is also taxing the capacitors over-voltage circuitry and i may have difficulty there. (i also anticipate problems running at night)

The best bit is that the caps and Li battery weigh in at less than a kilo.
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