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Originally Posted by Munky View Post
Looking amazing Andy!

Question about your arch widening process.

You put the tape over the existing arch to get almost the shape you wanted, put cloth and resin over that. Then pulled the resin and cloth off, removed the tape and used expanding foam between the original arch and the new grp?

What did you do at the edges? How did you fix the new grp to the body? Overlap or used the adhesive power of the foam?

Thanks for any advice. Iím new to grp mods!
grind back the gel coat back to the fiberglass lined up the arch so your happy and fixed it with screws for a good fit. next take it off again mix up some resin and basically glue them together using a bit of matting to fill any gaps. put the screws back in till dry drill a few holes and fill with foam dont over fill it could move the arch. when it's all hard remove the screws sand it back and glass over the joint , away you go
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