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Hi guys,
I really like this site and the projects you are doing here, many fantastic builds and hundreds of ideas and different ways to build your dreamcar..!

Now it's time to introduce myself and show my project:

I live in Germany in Hamburg, and I have built two kitcars already, a Countach with spaceframe and Renault Alpine A310 suspension and engine and a Renault Alpine A110 speedster based on a shortened beetle chassis.

I sold both cars 2 years ago, and played around with Porsche 996, which never made me happy, so I sold this car too.

A polish guy here in Hamburg offers GT40 kits made in Poland for a competitive price, so I decided last year to drive to Poland to have a look. I saw a frame, and some bodyparts in quite a good quality, but I did not see a finished car or a complete body. Nevertheless I bought a "rolling chassis" with body to be delivered in october, and than the story began...

Anyway, I don't wanna tell to much about what has all happened, I picked the things up in Poland in october, and brought the stuff home.


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