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The first idea was to build a GT40 roadster with open roof and a speedster style windscreen, but the more I looked at the car, the less I was happy with its proportions compared to the real thing.
The front was too short and hanging down, the rear was also hanging down and had strange lines, so one day I decided if I have to change so many things to make it look right, and can build something different and much nicer out of it...
The curved front fenders reminded me to the Ferraris from the mid-sixties, the Dino and the P3/P4...
A P4 kit already exists, so I decided to go for the much rarer Dino 206, and started comparing the proportions:

not so much of a difference, but the wheeelbase from the GT is different to the Dino, the Dino 206 is a very small car with 13" wheels, and I (over 6ft tall) will never fit in there...
With the longer wheelbase from the GT it will be a 105% scaled up Dino, which makes it bigger and wider and I do fit in there...
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