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Now engine and transmission choice...

I have a Ford V6 to VW/Porsche adapter plate lying around here, could go for a Ford Essex V6, or even a Cosworth V6, or to have an all italian solution I go for the Alfa V6 attached to a Alfa Boxer gearbox from the Alfa 33 or 145/146.
The Alfa 33 gearbox does not fit the Alfa V6, I still do need an adapter, but I have the hope that at least two or three holes match, and I can use Alfa components for clutch and flexplate, and with an 190hp Alfa 3.0 V6 QV from the 75 or GTV6 it will be a classic and cheap solution compared to the Porsche transmission...

the Alfa 33 gearbox (built up to 140hp):

the Alfa 164 gearbox compared to the Alfa 33:

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