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Great! Another Dino 206 recreation :-)
are you going to build it as small as it is with 13" wheels or are you scaling it up a bit?
You are a pro and a lot better in metalshaping than me, but if you need any help with dimensions or proportions just let me know.
If you are taking the drawings from the one which is made down under some years ago check its tail...left and right lower parts, if I compare this recreation with the real thing I find some mismatches there, the recreation was to round somehow when you look from the rear.

Thanks for your compliment, I started my build with very few tools, and bought more and more and got better and better...
Many things I would do different now, but that is how it is, I am pretty happy with the proportions of my car although I had to do some compromises because of the GT40 frame it is built on.
I couldn't do the bonnet as low as the real Dino- but I am still happy how it turned out- and some other areas.
It will not be an exact copy of a Dino 206 (remember it is scaled up 5% and has 17" wheels), but surely it will be one of the nicest car here in town when it is ready (in some years ;-)).
At the moment I practise welding before I start to mess up the car. A lot of welding seams ahead!!
Btw, thanks for all your pics and time when I started, it helped a lot!!

Best wishes, Axel
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