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I will make it to scale.

I was so fortunate a few years ago, I had searched the world for info and had bits a pieces but not enough.

I mentioned this to a customer, he said a friend had built one.
I said you must be thinking of another model, he said no a 206.
I asked for an introduction, I was later given a phone number and rang the man.
This car was built 2 blocks from me.

The guy said when I get the chance I will come and see you.
He did and when he saw the GT40 and we had a chat he told me he would bring some drawings.

A few weeks later he did,I asked how he came by them and the story is he wanted to do a 206 and knew someone who knew someone who owned a 206 but it was in England.

He hoped on a plane and flew over, when they got their it had been sold, but they knew someone else.
So they went to that car and spent 3 days measuring the car.
All this was done in a week ,there and back.

I received all the body profiles , suspension , chassis and casting drawings that he had drawn.

This guy was a master craftsman in fiberglass and mould manufacture, very handy guy.
This was not the only car he had built.

So it is all off an original and I will try to stick as close as I can to it esthetically but mechanical s will be changed to suit me and the budget .
It will be an alloy body not glass.
I have seen notes of mod on the body shapes on the drawings so I will check out the rear.
He did say the original did have one to may vents cut in from the factory as well.
They where probably all different.

Yes more tools is more a problem for my wife than it is for me.
I will need some more for this project.
you do have to make tools as you cant buy some things.

I think your car looks great and proportions are good.
I stopped worrying about perfection a while back,you are the only one who notices because you made it.
Yip and you have one and they dont.

Are you going to tig or OA.
I tiged the 40 but guys keep telling me to OA as the clean up is easier.
I found the clean up with tig weld was a lot of work.

The photo is the car he built and the Ferrari GP car next to it he built that as well, they all ran Ferrari engines.


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