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I thought Dave Browne did the NZ Dinos, Barney Tansley made the bodys.

Motor will be north south.
I have an Audi getrag 6 speed for the project.

I am a motor Mechanic so I see a lot come through the door.
The VQ30 was on the best engine list from 95 to 2001.
I think only one other has done that.
They are cheap, it is alloy and it makes good power.
Due to the sump configuration I can drysump it easily.
It also has a timing chain not a belt,it will be eng out to do anything on the front.

Half of my work is euro, they are OK but they are expensive to repair.
I have to admit German engineering shits me ,they just dont know how to do simple,if you could do it with 4 bolts they will use 10 then put something over the top so you have to pull that out as well.
2nd hand they all have high mileage and they leak oil half the time.
Thought about the Italian thing but I am not that concerned, I build for myself I think it will be more reliable to be honest.
I will make it look Ferrari,6 downdraft throttle bodys and turkey pan,correct paint and some dino lettering on the covers.
Body and all externals will be as close as I can get it.

If I build a nut and bolt replica I would have to much invested and not enjoy it Ross.


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