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Default Minimum space required for build?

Hi guys, first post from a total kit-car virgin.

I'm busy researching everything I'm going to need for a Sportster. Some things are obvious - such as a donor car, the bits from Marlin, an understanding spouse and gallons of tea. What isn't so obvious is just how large a space is required to build the car.

My house has a single, intgegral garage - you know, the sort that all recently built houses are *blessed* with. It measures 18' long by 8' 3" wide. Looking at the Marlin dimensions of aprox. 11' by 5' 6", it's obvious it'll fit... but is there enough space to work round the car whilst bolting on the oily bits?

In short - Has anyone else attempted a build in a single garage before? Or am I mad to even consider it?


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