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Smile It's a miracle x 2

I wandered down to the cave this morning before it got too hot, and consulted my 'To Do' list. Adjust handbrake and bleed brakes were two of the four remaining so, as pedal pushing assistance had been negotiated for later, I decided to pitch in with the former. In order to get my Machine Mart aluminium racing jack (great buy!) under the diff. a few feet of forward movement is required. The garden is slightly downhill so removing the chock achieves this. Why won't it move? Ah, it's in gear. Why don't I sit in and see if the clutch has freed itself as the engine's been run a few times. To my amazement it had. Miracle no.1.

Jack up, axle stands, remove wheels and set to tightening the threaded adjustment ends of the transverse cable until there was no slack either side. I checked the shoe adjuster - still spot on - and applied the cockpit lever. Drums locked. Miracle no.2.

As I type my assistant is unavailable. I spent half an hour earlier bleeding the rear brakes single handed using a length of architrave to depress the pedal whilst my other orangutan like limb worked the nipple. Can't say if this was successful as the front pipes of course contain some air so no 'pedal' yet.

Regards, Mick
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