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So its been a while since the last update, I have however been able to spend a few hours here and there and actually last Sunday managed to do a proper dry fit using all panels.

The pictures in the previous post are bit of a cheat I hadn't removed the hood etc from the vehicle and as I didn't want to ruin the bumper skin and the plastic retainer clips I took had removed the whole bumper including the impact bar. This is now back on the car with skin removed.

The one thing that i did spend hours on was trying to fit the roll cage properly - nothing seem to line up to a point that i was worried i had purchased a dud car! So out came the tape measure and started to do cross measurements to ensure the car was in fact square. Good news it was bang on It took a number of strategic bolts, a hydraulic jack and a lump hammer but it all lines up OK, has anyone else had the same issues? The question is do I now prep it and paint it on the car or risk going through that again and potentially scratching the new paint finish?

I have also been waiting on one pair of crucial parts before I could start cutting and fitting the rear lights - my Carello reflectors. Well pleased to say I got home tonight to find that they had finally arrived.

Now I have to admit although the right brand and style they are slightly the wrong size for the lights but only slightly so I am sure I can get away with it. Sorry Scottie I am already making compromises

I have also purchased some lowering springs however they will be stored until closer to the end as its nice to have such easy access at the moment to the car with its weight loss and thus rise in chassis height.

I have found as well that when you get into doing jobs on the build you kind of forget to take a picture at times that might be useful to other new to building kits such as I, compounded by the lack of daylight meaning when you do stop its normally because daylight has gone

It appears the -1 degree caused camera shake too!

The next quest is to bl**dy buy a MIG welder unless any of you live close and would be prepared to help me do some welding?

But this weekend will be positioning rear the lights and getting those wired - although still waiting on some electrical connectors to come in the post.

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