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Bloody car, swapped out both camshaft sensors, removed and cleaned the icv and replaced the MAF. Have held back on removing the downpipe as I think a blocked cat very unlikely.
Still not revving over 2k but still showing an IVC fault on my cheap Ebay scanner. Sod the expense, bought a 2nd hand IVC on Ebay of 10 inc postage. This time due to all jubilee clips being in the right place it only took 20 minutes. While I was in there I noticed the throttle body flap was stiff, gave it a couple of taps and a squirt of WD40 and it freed off straight away. Now revs perfectly so whizzed it in for an MOT but failed on the handbrake. All stripped and cleaned so hopefully a pass tomorrow, although I will replace both rear discs, handbrake pads and give the callipers a good clean up when I start stripping it. Should make it a cheap doner.
Was a bit disappointed at the performance from a lightweight 2.8, maybe spoilt by my other cars, time will tell.
Got to start sharpening my sharp pointy stick ready for my gee up visit to Stoneleigh! (Only kidding Chris)
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