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Default German Kit Car co.

Hi, newbie here, just looking at '7' kits cars really for the first time with a view to building one for the first time (can't wait) so looked at obvious places, Caterham and then Westfield, but was directed to a German site VM-77de
no translation to English so I haven't a clue what they have to say! but the photos are just stunning ! more shape in the rear end and attractive rear light clusters etc than Caterham, in fact I just love the levels of detail throughout.
lots of chrome, and hand stitched leather etc. My question to all you experienced folk here, Who are they ? do they sell to the UK and have any of you got one? would really like to see one/some I could not find much text on spec etc even in German, if they are still a going concern they are not that far away really just the other side of Cologne. Would really like any info you may have…..Thanx Rob.
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