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The front mudguards on this little car were always going to be "cycle" style but this presents a problem on a 2CV because there's no where to mount them.
And as an extra problem I particularly wanted the mudguards to be a snug fit to the wheel which means they must move and turn with the wheel.

I started by making a mould from a old steel mudguard which fitted the wheel and added an extra bit of board to form a side panel.

This left me with a usable mudguard the correct size for the wheel and a side panel to bolt it on with.
As the mould was not "handed" I was able to make both mudguards from the same mould and simply turn them around to suit each side.
The visible cut-out is to clear the steering arm.

I fabricated a bracket which bolted to the hub on top of the steering link arm.
The mudguard stays (which fitted the front and rear of the mudguard) where welded to this bracket.

R/H side

L/H side.

I left about 10mm between the stays and the wheel so the mudguard would fit in-between.
When all bolted up and painted black I think they look OK.

Both mudguards fit the wheel as if they where made for the job.

The mounting bracket are only made of light weight material but then so are the mudguards so every think should work well together.

Also finished the reworking of the scuttle panel.

Still a few more major jobs to do but it coming along nicely.
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