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Right I will share what is happening with mine but will try to keep it short!

I have been having problems on my drive where the engine sounds like it's on 3 cylinders! engine runs normally then when I put it on the drive it soon goes dodgy and sometimes cuts out! My drive is on anangle as per photos in previous thread!

I thought hgf etc but no evidence of this!

Anyway eventually I realised that the car only does this if there is half a tank or less in!

Anyway I have been researching this for the last week and found that it's common in elises esp on long left handers......would be long right handers on my car

The last straw was having over a third of a tank of fuel and looking inside the tank through where my smiths sender goes when the car was on the drive and seeing air being sucked into the pump

This is perfect for a blown engine esp at high revs up hill etc
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