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The methanol/water injection system was something I'd always been keen to put together and try. I'd come across it in the RAF as it was fitted to the Harriers we used to take the Falklands back and I knew it had been fitted to the Supermarine Spitfires we sent for the Russians to use against Adolf, which meant they could run on the sub-standard, low octane fuel that was all the Russians had available.

Without going into too much detail about the why's and wherefores, it did work very well, mostly - the engine ran much smoother and economy improved by about 10mpg with it switched 'on', but the very fine nozzle needed for a 100hp motor kept clogging up despite the filters in the system.

I removed it and sold it on ebay, for about 110 as I recall, which was around double what I'd spent on the parts (don't pay a tuning specialist 200 for a 'water injection' pump, it's actually a 30 fish-pond pump put to better use).

If I fit another low powered car with Methanol/Water injection, which I probably will, I'll go with a gravity fed exhaust manifold/capillary system, which is obviously much simpler than the high pressure pump, solenoid and superfine nozzle I used last time.

I would definitely be interested in relieving you of a fibreglass bulkhead. PM me with the deal you'd consider (hopefully a simpler one than Brexit) and we'll sort something out.
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