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Originally Posted by lancelot link View Post
I like the front and if it deals with their regs , thats cool ....

what isn't cool is the price and ethics ...

That converts to about 8.5k ...You could buy a Tribute kit and modify it for a lot less than that .
Also , if I'm reading this correctly , someone has ripped off Chris's product ....I don't like that ...for obvious reasons ...
Reading the ad I thought he was selling on the unstarted, unmodified kit. I don't know what the shipping charges would amount to for one kit and I don't know if exchange rates have changed much since he ordered his kits. If he is open to offers it might be a case of getting his money back for the one kit and covering his costs, shipping etc.

I'm not so keen on the extended front, the overhang of an additional 6" or so spoils to look for me.

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