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Thought about the 5kg bags of chopped strands overnight and realised that 5kg of chopped strand mat costs less than 5!

Anyway, out with the angle grinder this afternoon and removed the 5kg of body filler that I had used to try and build out the off-side/front of the main tub. Then I ran some strings along the side of the tub at various heights and confirmed that the lines of the near-side of the tub are pretty straight - lets say 'Sammio' straight. Whereas there is a definite gap to be filled-in (as shown below) on the offside.


In fact this photo under-eggs the gap because the piece of wood is only about 18" long. Running the string along the side of the cockpit shows the gap to be more like 10mm + as per below.

So having ground-off the filler I spent the rest of the afternoon put a number of layers of mat to build-up the area between my 2 x correx spacers.
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