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Originally Posted by JG View Post
I reckon the Madison would sell as a new kit today, not sure what donor car though, maybe a Herald/Spitfire rebody or maybe a complete update using BMW mechanicals.
It seems as The Madison is still sold today, but not in kit form.

Today it's called the Bufori La Joya. Made in Malaysia, it's an expensive ($150,000) fully finished car built by the Bufori Motor Company. I "think" that Bufori bought the rights to build the Madison from GP back in the 80's. The production facility in Kuala Lumpur has an installed capacity of 300 vehicles per year, and the company employs 108 skilled craftsmen. The name Bufori is an acronym that stands for B - Beautiful U - Unique F - Funtastic O - Original R - Romantic I - Irresistible.
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