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Default Hello information required

Firstly I would like to introduce myself.
I am a 46-year-old engineer that started work life as a fabrication welder in a family business after leaving school 30 years ago. I also at that time started out on a four-year apprenticeship.
I am mad about motorbikes and a general petrol head and have love of all things mechanical.
I have also done a lot of oval circuit racing which was none contact and full contact.
The reason why I ended up here.
I have a car that has been owned since it as three years old that is front wheel drive, I would like to convert this car to a track car. I also would like to convert it to run a motorbike engine and I am looking at using either a GSXR1000 motor or possibly a Rotax v twin from an Aprilia RSV Mille which I already have.
I am not sure if it is possible to use the original gearbox from the car and marry the output shaft off that holds the sprocket on the motorbike engine to the input shaft the holds the clutch to the gearbox on the car.
I am looking for advice to see if anyone has done this?
I can make an adapter plate to bolt the bike engine to the bell housing of the gearbox.
Secondly, would people suggest this is not a good idea?
Would it be easier to use constant velocity joints and use a chain and sprocket configuration to connect the shaft to the original gearbox input shaft?
Thirdly start with a different idea altogether?
I am very opened minded and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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