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Default Weber throttle linkage

Hi. We have a 2 ltr. Pinto engined Fury. Twin 45DCOEs. The throttle actuation is of a downward action. This has caused a couple of scary moments with sticking inner cable.
Now, I appreciate that this is more of a set up issue than of an inherent fault ,. But I feel that the set up is difficult to set up properly.

So, I bought an FAJS top mounting twin cable linkage kit. Yes, why buy that when the throttle works the other way? Well,. Faffing about under the carbs is a bloody nightmare, no room, can't see what you're doing etc etc.

So,. Fitting this linkage kit do I need to remove the butterflies and spindles, and turn them by 180 degrees to make the top actuation work?

Any advice on this gratefully received.
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